Goldbergs-reuben-smallMany people living in Eretz Yisrael, when making a bris, will make certain that the bris seudah is fleishig (includes meat). Even though the very thought about this to numerous American expatriates, to whom a bris means bagels, is as international as consuming burritos for the Shabbos Seudah, right here in Israel, it’s almost de riguer. Not just that, it’s actually much cheaper making a full fleishig bris seudah than to make a milk-like bagel and lox one, due to the legislation of supply and need.

The concern is: “Why would certainly this be so? Simple economics need to confirm the other. Also, just what’s incorrect with bagels and lox? Eating fleishig at a bris is downright un-American!!”.

The answer is actually really intriguing, yet to properly understand it we need to find out some halachos of the 9 days. The Shulchan Aruch1 specifies that during the week where Tisha B’Av befalls (shavua shechal bo), the minhag is to avoid eating any type of type of meat. This is the viewpoint of the Shulchan Aruch, and basic Sefardi minhag afters. The Rema2, however, keeps that all the prohibitions start from Rosh Chodosh Av, and Ashkenazi custom afters this, hence the name “The 9 Days– from Rosh Chodesh Av until after the fast of Tisha B’av”. This suggests that Ashkenazi custom is to abstain from eating meat items throughout the whole 9 day period.

Nevertheless, there are numerous exemptions to this restriction: Shabbos is not included, as the mitzvah of Oneg Shabbos bypasses this restriction. Also, Seudas Mitzvah, even throughout the week, will additionally take priority over it, and meat may be served. This is where it can get¬†fascinating. The examples of a Seudas Mitzvah detailed by the Rema consists of a party on ending a Tractate of Talmud, a Pidyon HaBen, a betrothal seudah, and also … a bris milah!

This means that the seudah at a bris milah is thought about a seudas mitzvah, and also is of such significance that those commemorating could even consume meat, and not just throughout the 9 days, yet also on the real week of Tisha B’Av !! This reveals that the correct minhag is to consume fleishig at a bris seuda, because of its significance and standing as a seudas mitzvah! If a standard bris has such high quality, why ought to one wait till the 9 Days to make a fleishig bris?!

Accordingly, from a halachic point of view, the Bagel n’ Lox Deluxe at a bris simply does not have the very same appeal!