images (4)There is a Jewish way to mark moving right into a new home, called a chanucat habayit celebration. Moving into a new home is a large task and completing it deserves celebration.  You have done lots of work to prepare your new home from looking at plans, designing the floor plan, choosing your roof, to signing off on the work.  It is no small feat.

Chanucat habayit, essentially devoting the house, is about saying thanks to God for reaching the turning point of a new residence and setting the specification wherefore sort of house you want to have. With those thoughts, the last Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, educated that religious publications and a tzedakah (charity) box ought to be the very first things to bring into a new house.

The idea of a chanukat habayit is based upon the conclusion of the First Holy place, where King Solomon led the country in petitions (I Kings 8). Today, we invite pals, eat, talk Torah and offer tzedakah, setting up the values you desire in your brand-new home. The peak is repairing the mezuzah, which calls for a true blessing. Some people additionally claim the true blessing shehechiyanu, giving thanks to God for reaching this moment.

A chanukat habayit in Israel handles even higher value as it meets the mitzvah of clearing up in the Land.