In Leviticus 23 ,The Festivals of the Lord are times established every year and is rehearsed and taught historically and prophetically. It concerns the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to redeem mankind. The first four Feast are the Passover Unleavened bread, First Fruits ,and the Pentecost.

matso bread with flowers

Passover: the death Of Jesus
Unleavened Bread: Burial Of Christ
First Fruits: The Resurrection
Pentecost: Decent of the Holy Spirit and the Birth of Church

These are spring holidays of the Feasts. The fall Feast are the final three.

Feast of Trumpets : The Rapture of the Church
Feast of Atonement: The second coming
Feast Of Tabernacles : Reign Of Christ

The final three are known as Rosh HaShanah the trumpets,Yom Kippur, The atonement and Sukkot the Tabernacles. All spring Feast were fulfilled at the first coming of Christ. The Fall Feasts depict the rapture the second coming of our King. The Trumpet Feast is the wedding of Jesus and the Church as the bride.
It happens on the new moon 29 and ½ days after the last one. No one knows for sure because the bible teaches us that no man shall know the hour or the day.
You can stand on your roofing in Denton, TX and watch for the Second Coming, but no one can truly know when it will happen. The Open Door the rapture you can find relevance in Matthew 25 and Revelation 3 & 4:1 The gate of the inner court faces east. The doors shall be shut for 6 days of work and will open on the new moon. We have learned The Feast of the Lord are merely a shadow of things to come. The seven days between the Feast of Trumpets and The Day of Atonement, this represents the Ten days of Tribulation which you can find in Revelation 2:10.

The Jewish Wedding, like at thief in the night, the groom comes for his bride. He takes her away for the bridal week at the Fathers house. Gods plan for us is found in Leviticus 23 through the Seven Feast cycle. The earth was created in seven days The Festivals last 7 days as an occasion of the complete work of God on Earth.