Your wedding day is here.  ACC KetubahBetween the offering of the ring, and singing the Seven Blessings, there is an instead a less accessible item of the wedding, reviewing the Ketubah. The Ketubah is spoken in Aramaic, which is incomprehensible these days other than to a talmudically learned group, yet could just as well be read in Hebrew or English translations.

The conventional Ketubah consists of the bridegroom’s responsibilities to the new bride, mainly of a monetary nature, his commitment to support her in a dignified manner and also the quantity that she will get in the event of his fatality or divorce. There is some argument whether the Ketubah is mandated by the Torah or whether it was a rabbinic innovation. Those that take the last perspective say that the reason was to make sure that divorce should not be fast, easy or senseless for the husband as he would certainly be liable to a considerable payment.

Although the amounts mandated in the typical Ketubah are not utilized today as the basis of separation settlements, it is still purposeful for the bridegroom to
publicly attest specific commitments to sustain his spouse at the wedding celebration.