Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year’s Day and is thought to be one of the most important Jewish holidays. All over the world, those who consider themselves to be of the Jewish faith celebrate Rosh Hashanah. They come together to celebrate Adam and Eve who they believe were the first man and woman on Earth.

Rosh_Hashanah.jpgThe celebration of Rosh Hashanah includes lots of sweets such as honey cakes and the dipping in honey of apples.  This is done hoping that it will bring a sweet year. Other symbolic foods that are traditionally eaten on Rosh Hashanah are fish, carrots and pomegranates.

  1. Being on the top instead of on the bottom is symbolized by the head of the fish.
  2. Carrots are eaten for a couple of different reasons: To Ashkenazi Jews, carrots symbolize merren or more. Carrots are eaten in hopes this will bring more of the good in life:  Good health, more success, more happiness. For Sephardic Jews, carrots symbolize the phrase “Yikaretu Oyveychem”, meaning let your enemies be stopped.
  3. Pomegranates which are full of seeds, indicate plenty.
  4. Challot is made with honey and raisins and is another sweet eaten on the New Year’s Day. This deliciousness symbolizes a sweet and happy year for the person eating it. Challots are decorated with doves n hopes of peace throughout the year.

Rosh Hashanah lasts for two days and is the start of the ten days of atonement and concludes on Yom Kippur. Jews believe that judgement of men takes place on Rosh Hashanah, however, in the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the judgement can be changed. During this time, Jews can ask for atonement, repent and make up for their sins in hopes of changing the judgement. The judgement option ends after Yom Kippur has ended and judgement is established.