The Jews don’t have mandatory beliefs. They have accepted beliefs in Rambam’s 13 principles of faith. Judaism have basic principles that focuses on the creator, mankind and the Israel land. They have no formal set of beliefs,their actions are more important. Rambam the Jewish faith has thirteen principles.

1280px-maimonides-mishna1 God does exist
2 There is but one God
3 God has no physical form
4 There is an eternal God
5 Prayer is directed to God alone
6 The prophets words are true
7 Moses the greatest prophet prophecies are true
8 The first five books of the bible were given to Moses known as the written Torah.
9 There will never be another Torah
10 God knows the deeds and thoughts of men
11 The good shall have rewards and the wicked will be punished by God
12 There will be a second coming of Christ
13 There will be a resurrection of the dead

These are basic principles, But as basic as they are believing these has been disputed at one time or another.

Judaism really don’t focus on abstract cosmological beliefs, although have been considered on the focus of God and man, all of the universe. Life and the afterlife. There’s a lot of room for personal opinion on all of this. But most of it is concerned about actions.

Judaism has more focus on the relationship between God and man and the people of Israel and the land. Scriptures tell the story of these relationships in the time of creation and the relationship between God and Abraham. They also specify obligations through various movements of the faith. The actions that Judaism that some are concerned about include the 613 commandments in the Torah given by God and laws instituted by rabbis as long standing customs.

Like I said Judaism focus on actions more than belief. Although all these principles have been debated.