Judaism traditionally does not allow interfaith marriages. The Jewish Bible or the Torah says that the children of interfaith marriages would be lost to Judaism. History has shown that this passage holds truth well. It has been found that only about a third of interfaith marriage people raise their children in the Jewish faith, in spite of efforts in the Conservative and Reform communities to embrace interfaith couples.

Chelsea-and-Marks-wedding_2-thumb-350x280-74557This could be because Jews who marry gentiles do not embrace their religion deeply enough prior to their marriage. Those deeply committed to their faith would not historically marry someone who does not share that commitment. Statistics show that Jews in interfaith marriages are not as likely to be involved in activities of the Jewish community as those who are married to other Jews. These statistics are a concern for the Jewish community. The rate of intermarriage has increased significantly during the 1980s and l990s, however, it seems to have slowed down since.

The liberal groups of Judaism have attempted to embrace intermarried couples in hopes of slowing the exit of members of the Jewish community. It is questionable as to whether or not this is helping since the statistics show that intermarried couples are less likely to have involvement in the Jewish traditions or to raise their children in the Jewish faith & traditions.

People who are considering marrying out of their faith or are dating out of their faith dismiss objections as being prejudice, but there are important matters to consider. If you are the Jewish partner, why are you dating a non-Jew instead of seeking out a Jewish partner? You will be given a list of reasons why from a female Jewish prospective since they have seen in their households how men may be Mother’s boys, macho like, cheap, etc. Jewish men will say Jewish women are money hungry, plain, not sexy, perhaps even frigid. It seems non- Jews are more interested in marrying a Jew than a Jew marrying a Jew since many gentiles register every day on dating sites specifically for those seeking a Jewish mate. In the end, you have to decide what is best for you in regards to committing to a relationship outside your faith.