Jewish holy days , celebrate site occasions in Jewish history, such as the Exodus from Egypt and also the giving of the Torah, and in some cases mark the modification of periods as well as shifts in the farming cycle. The three major celebrations, Sukkot, Passover and also Shavuot, are called “regalim” (derived from the Hebrew word “regel”, or foot). On the 3 regalim, it was normal for the Israelites to make pilgrimages to Jerusalem to provide sacrifices in the Temple.

436765_15Passover (Pesach) is a week-long holiday beginning on the night of the 14th day of Nisan (the first month in the Hebrew schedule), that commemorates the Exodus from Egypt. Outside of Israel, Passover is celebrated for 8 days. In old times, it coincided with the barley harvest. It is the only holiday that centers on home-service, the Seder. Leavened products (chametz) are eliminated from the house before the holiday, and also are not consumed throughout the week. Houses are extensively cleaned up to make sure no bread or bread by-products remain, as well as a symbolic burning of the last vestiges of chametz is carried out on the early morning of the Seder. Matzo is consumed rather than bread.

Shavuot (“Pentecost” or “Feast of Weeks”) commemorates the discovery of the Torah to the Israelites on Mount Sinai. Likewise called the Festival of Bikurim, or initial fruits, it synchronized in scriptural times with the wheat harvest. The customs of Shavuot consist of all-night study marathons referred to as Tikkun Leil Shavuot, consuming milk foods (cheesecake as well as blintzes are unique favorites), checking out guide of Ruth, enhancing homes and synagogues with greenery, as well as using white apparel, symbolizing pureness.

Sukkot (“Tabernacles” or “The Festival of Booths”) honors the Israelites’ forty years of roaming with the desert on their way to the Promised Land. It is celebrated via the construction of short-lived displays called sukkot (sing. sukkah) with special roofing that stand for the short-term sanctuaries of the Israelites during their roaming. It coincides with the fruit harvest, as well as notes completion of the farming pattern. Jews worldwide eat in sukkot for seven days and nights. Sukkot ends with Shemini Atzeret, where Jews start to wish rain and also Simchat Torah, “Rejoicing of the Torah”, a holiday which marks reaching completion of the Torah reading cycle and also starting throughout once more. The celebration is celebrated with vocal singing as well as dance with the Torah scrolls. Shemini Atzeret as well as Simchat Torah are practically taken into consideration to be a different holiday as well as not a component of Sukkot.