There is a mitzvah, or commandment, to sit in the succahsukkah2 (small hut) representing the Israelite’s living in booths. Does there also exist a mitzvah to build one? Well, if you do not build it, just how could you rest in it, you may ask. Could you merely visit a hotel for Succot, or have the gardener, the home builder or the odd-job guy create your succah for you?

There were excellent rabbis, including Rashi, who said that constructing the succah is an extra mitzvah, but today we tend to follow the thought process that building the structure is preparation for the mitzvah (hechsher mitzvah) yet not one in itself.

However, many others state you ought to take some part in the building on your own and start your succah right after Yom Kippur to go from “strength to strength”.

If you’re too exhausted after fasting through Yom Kippur to get up a stepladder, begin planning your succah early or begin learning more about how you can construct it so you will be able to move straight from the high of Yom Kippur to the next spiritual activity.